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  • Label: UNIVERSOUL VIBES®, a Unit of kussu productions.
  • Label Type: indie
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    Juanpa Y Lenny come from Christian homes. The two young men were committed to the spiritual teaching at an early age, and have an inclination towards praising the lord, through their music.

    They have been part of many Christian bands but it was in the group “Six In One” were they became known as lead singers with their clear and crisp vocals and have performed with the group until the year 2004, when they accepted the calling of the lord to come together as a duo act, thus fast becoming the best Christian duo in the Dominican Republic.

    In the year 2005 they released their first album “Que No Me Faltes Tu” an album that contained the single “El Amor Viene De Dios” (La Pura Verdad) This song has been a blessing to thousands of souls that have testified on the impact that the song has caused in their life.

    Now with their new album “CARA A CARA” which includes songs from their first production revised and six new songs that feed the souls and the hearts, because they are based on the adoration of our lord without restraints.

    Since then, Juanpa Y Lenny have been touring and performing in the United States, in Latin America and Caribbean.

    Juanpa Y Lenny define themselves as two young-humble men that the lord has chosen to bring a different vision of spiritual music.

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